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Car Insurance Tips and Tricks

Finding the best rates for affordable car insurance can be challenging. At cheap car insurance Toronto we understand this and have a view tips to make sure you get the most affordable rates for your auto insurance.

  1. Tips for reducing the cost of my car insurance
  2. Tips for parents on reducing the cost of auto insurance

Tips for reducing the cost of my car insurance

Have a clean driving record

You may be in a rush, but not only does getting a ticket mean that you will have to pay for the ticket, you may also have an increase in your car insurance premiums. Some companies even offer long term clients incentives to keep their record clean such as lowering their deductibles.

Live with having a deductible

Not only do most car insurance companies increase your premium if you have a claim, having a small deductible also gives you an incentive to take care of the low cost parking lot dings your self, remember insurance companies are out there to make money and if you cost them more than the average driver they will have to charge you more than average.

Take a driving class.

If you didn't take drivers ed when you first started driving now is the time. Not only do most insurance companies offer discounts for drivers that have taken driver training, you will also learn effective defensive driving techniques. Learning the proper driving techniques will not only impress the insurance companies, but also help prevent you from having your other wise clean record marred by an accident.

Snow tires.

Historically most people have driven with all season tires. This was because tire compound technology was not advanced enough to have dedicated winter tires. Even if you live in a climate where there isn't much snow fall any time the weather becomes colder snow tires are safer, as their rubber compounds are designed for cold driving. As the weather becomes colder your all-season tires become harder and have less grip. As such many insurance companies will provide you discounts for having proper winter tires.

Avoid unnecessary aftermarket modifications.

Modifications such as super chargers or turbos may increase your insurance rates. keep your car stock with only after market safety enhancements such as snow tires and you will find you receive better insurance rates.

MultiVehicle Discounts

Not only do insurance companies reward drivers for having a clean driving record, most insurance companies will offer multi-vehicle discounts. It makes sense that if you have a car for yourself, your spouse, and your child - to insure them all with the same company.

If your insurance company offers home insurance as well, you may wish to enquire about multi-policy discounts. This is usually a readily available discount, as it makes everybody's life easier.

Safety discounts.

Many auto insurance companies are now offering incentives for car owners to make safety enhancements to their vehicles. The most common in Canada is the use of snow tires. Even in a relatively mild city like Toronto, old man winter can still make driving precarious. Not only will having snow tires often reduce your premium, snow tires are proven to make winter driving safer - reducing your out of pocket costs on deductibles and insurance rate increases after a car accident. Often, insurance companies will look at what safety features are built into the car, such as anti-lock brakes (ABs) as well as stability control.

Low millage discounts

Many car insurance companies base their rates not only on who is driving but also how much they will be driving. If you have a long commute to work, you can expect to pay higher rates than if you work around the corner.

Likewise, if you take public transit, you may be able to go with a premium for low millage - reducing the cost of your auto insurance premium. To ensure that you get the best rates for the coverage you need, provide your insurance company with the most accurate picture of how you'll be planning on using your car.

Follow the advice above and you are well on your way to receiving inexpensive auto insurance in Toronto!

Tips for parents on reducing the cost of auto insurance

The best option for ensuring that you have cheap car insurance is to teach responsible driving habits. Nothing will make auto insurance more expensive than a new driving record with accidents or tickets. The best way to do this is to enroll your new teenage driver into a certified driving course and in addition to the benefit of learning proper driving techniques you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of receiving discounts from many insurance companies.

Not only is driver education an excellent place to start on the quest for cheap car insurance, also selecting what and when your teenage driver will be driving can also impact the rates. The insurance cost is often higher for the primary driver and limiting your teenager to occasional driving may reduce your rates. As well you may want to avoid purchasing a sports car for them and stick with the sensible family sedan.